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If you are a customer of Smart BRO broadband then this utility is for you
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Smart Broadband Inc.

If you are a customer of Smart BRO broadband connection then this utility is for you. You will not require accessing the Smart BRO hotline to troubleshoot your Smart BRO broadband connection problem if you use this Quick Fix Tool. Quick Fix Tool is specifically developed to diagnose your Smart BRO Broadband connection problems. Quick Fix Tool is actually self-diagnostic software and it can detect any Smart BRO broadband connection problem with just one click. As it is a 1-click diagnostic tool so anybody can use it to diagnose their Smart BRO broadband connection n user does not required any expert skill. The Quick Fix Tool is also packed with some advanced tools for expert users like Latency, Trace Route, Ping and Speed Test etc. So by using these advanced tools you can find more as Ping tool give you option to Ping individual site to find its sites speed or you can use speed test to find the total speed of your internet connection, you may use trace route to find the route of the data packets. Smart BRO has also included an Announcement module which keeps you updated with recent changes, new features, promo opportunities or bill payment schedules.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • 1-click diagnostic
  • Provides advanced tool like Latency, Trace Route, and Ping etc


  • Works only for Smart BRO broadband connection
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